In Appreciation Of Carson Robison

Music history is filled with talented performers who somehow missed the boat on lasting fame. One who would certainly qualify is Carson Robison, a country music pioneer who crossed over into other types of music too; a multi-talented artist and composer who could play several instruments, sing, and yodel. In fact, he was so versatile … Continue reading In Appreciation Of Carson Robison

Let’s Call This A Half-Day Off

Gonna be a quick one today, so I guess that's why I'm calling it a 'half-day off'. I had minor surgery on one of my sasquatch-size feet (15EEE) and it's pretty tough to work on the computer while keeping my foot elevated. (Although I am using my tablet for a few simpler things..) Anyhow, I … Continue reading Let’s Call This A Half-Day Off

Everly Brothers Helped With Bob Luman’s Big Decision

One of the many rockabilly stars who later embraced country music, Bob Luman had a solid career that included several Top Ten records, including his biggest hits, "Let's Think About Living" and "Lonely Women Make Good Lovers." But he almost left music behind for another career -- as a professional baseball player -- before the Everly … Continue reading Everly Brothers Helped With Bob Luman’s Big Decision

The Musical Side Of Leonard Nimoy

Most of those who are reading this are aware that Leonard Nimoy recently died at age 83. He was best known as Star Trek's Mr. Spock, but his accomplishments weren't limited to helping create his iconic character. In addition to a long acting career on stage, screen, and TV, he was a director, a writer, … Continue reading The Musical Side Of Leonard Nimoy

Country Catalyst – A Challenge For ‘Pickers’

Today's edition of Country Catalyst, our periodic attempt to bring new fans to country music, spotlights a song that has been recorded many times, both with and without lyrics. But it's as an instrumental that it reaches its full impact, making "Sugar Foot Rag" a classic challenge for virtuoso guitarists in its more than sixty … Continue reading Country Catalyst – A Challenge For ‘Pickers’

Old And In The Way

In spite of what you might think -- especially given the fact that this blog is mostly for and about geezers -- the title of this piece does not refer to a pathetic old guy who is feeling a little unappreciated. It is instead about a short-lived 1970s bluegrass band of that name led by … Continue reading Old And In The Way

Baltimore’s Own Ronnie Dove

Over the course of Ronnie Dove's long career, which began well over a half-century ago, the talented singer has been a little hard to classify. In his later years he's often been called a country crooner, but he was also an important part of the early days of pop music. And even though he officially … Continue reading Baltimore’s Own Ronnie Dove

Country Catalyst – Christmas Edition

We're way overdue for a new Country Catalyst, the Special Feature that offers a country music song to a wider audience, and I thought I'd combine it with something appropriate to the season. It's a song that might be familiar to you -- it's been around a long time -- but you might not have … Continue reading Country Catalyst – Christmas Edition

Leon’s Lone Star Cowboys And Beyond

The swing band era that began in the 1930s was echoed by a similar process in country music, when some of the groups then around began to perform in a style that came to be known as Western Swing. It would prove to be a ticket to stardom for guys like Bob Wills and Spade … Continue reading Leon’s Lone Star Cowboys And Beyond

The Many Talents Of Rosalie Allen

At the beginning of her career Rosalie Allen performed as a singing and yodeling cowgirl, a style inspired by earlier stars like Patsy Montana. In fact, her first hit record in 1946 was an update of Patsy's iconic "I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart." But before she eventually retired to raise her family she … Continue reading The Many Talents Of Rosalie Allen