Let’s Call This A Half-Day Off

Gonna be a quick one today, so I guess that's why I'm calling it a 'half-day off'. I had minor surgery on one of my sasquatch-size feet (15EEE) and it's pretty tough to work on the computer while keeping my foot elevated. (Although I am using my tablet for a few simpler things..) Anyhow, I … Continue reading Let’s Call This A Half-Day Off

Limehouse Blues – A Jazz Classic

Sometimes my curiosity draws me to a particular song that seems to have an interesting name and maybe an intriguing history, and when I dig into it I often find a fascinating story. A good example is the jazz standard "Limehouse Blues," which has been recorded by just about everybody from Duke Ellington to Django … Continue reading Limehouse Blues – A Jazz Classic

Just A Nice Weekend Walk

Not too much going on today, so I thought it was about time we did another of those slide show thingys. It's just a series of pictures that show what happened one day when a guy was walking his dogs along a quiet country road. And -- of course -- we need the proper mood … Continue reading Just A Nice Weekend Walk

The Music Of Giant Tripods

I've always been a big fan of science fiction, and I have fond memories of some of the more colorful movies from my childhood. I was especially crazy about alien invasion movies, and there were plenty of them around in those days. I've written about those fun times before so I won't go into all … Continue reading The Music Of Giant Tripods

In Search Of A Salty Dog

Just browsing through old pictures again, and I happened across one that includes a really cute little fella. No, not me. I'm referring to the puppy I'm holding, although I have to blushingly admit that I did possess a little touch of cuteness myself (long since lost). A lot of dogs and a slew of … Continue reading In Search Of A Salty Dog