A Strange Taste Of Mozart

Like most music lovers, I'm a fan of Wolfie - Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theuphilus Mozart, as he was baptized - so my ears always prick up when I hear something about him. (Do ears actually do that?) But it took me a while to warm to a strangely hypnotic song that became a world-wide hit … Continue reading A Strange Taste Of Mozart

Helmut Zacharias – The Magic Violinist

Germany was a volatile place in 1931 but it did have a long tradition of music appreciation, so it's not surprising that an eleven-year-old violinist named Helmut Zacharias would find an appreciative audience when he played a Mozart concerto on national radio. But he took it in stride -- after all, he'd been performing for … Continue reading Helmut Zacharias – The Magic Violinist

Florian ZaBach And His Very Warm Feathered Friend

Not many classically-trained violinists have managed to crack the upper reaches of the pop music charts, but that's exactly what happened in 1951 when Florian ZaBach had a million-selling record with a tune about a bird. But "The Hot Canary" wasn't his only foray into bringing light classics to the masses. In addition to selling … Continue reading Florian ZaBach And His Very Warm Feathered Friend

Spring And Strange Slideshows

Now that March has arrived, I wanted to do a slideshow with bright and colorful pictures that would herald the approach of Spring, but I got sidetracked by something. The slideshow widget used by WordPress (the GMC host) has either changed or my memory is worse than I thought, because no matter what size pictures … Continue reading Spring And Strange Slideshows

Carmen Cavallaro – Poet Of The Piano

One of the most popular pieces on the GMC is The REAL Eddy Duchin Story, which has been visited thousands of times since its appearance a couple of years ago. In fact, it received a burst of 2,000 visits in one day when the movie of the same name was shown recently on Turner Classics. … Continue reading Carmen Cavallaro – Poet Of The Piano

The Musical MP – George Melachrino

I thought maybe I'd revisit the subject of easy listening music, the sweet and melodious kind that was the specialty of a few band directors I've written about before, like Mantovani, Kostelanetz, and Percy Faith. But I don't think any of those particular guys had a background like George Melachrino, who in addition to his … Continue reading The Musical MP – George Melachrino