Five-Star Favs – A New Special Feature

Welcome to the first edition of a new GMC Special Feature that I’m calling Five-Star Favs. Here’s the scoop: like many of the folks who have a lot of music on their computer, I use the ‘rating’ capability of my media player (MusicBee – highly recommended) to assign each song a value of one to five stars. Those with five stars are, of course, my top favorites, and they’re the ones I’ll be showcasing as – big surprise – Five-Star Favs. Of course, it’s a little nervy of me to present the songs I like best and turn the process into a Special Feature, but what’s the fun of having a blog if I can’t do something like that? stars

So anyhow, to get us off to a good start I’m offering up a kind of two-for-one deal — a pair of songs that have a lot in common even though they were performed by two completely different bands, several years apart, on opposite sides of the Atlantic. But one song was inspired by the other, and both will get your pulse pounding.

When the popular British band known as the Hollies surged up the charts with “Long Cool Woman (in a Black Dress)” in 1972, it was a departure from the group’s previous style. Instead of three-part harmony it featured a strong vocal lead by Allan Clarke, but what also made it special started with the very first notes — a driving, hypnotic guitar beat that continued throughout the song.

A very similar sound is evident in an earlier song that inspired the Hollies, as Clarke freely admitted. It was a 1969 release from the American group Creedence Clearwater Revival (which ironically enough was breaking up just about the time of the Hollies’ hit). Although “Green River” was an entirely different song, John Fogerty’s lead vocal and the accompanying guitar play certainly shared a lot of style points, and it was a favorite of many fans, including me.

hcdThe Hollies – “Long Cool Woman (in a Black Dress)”

ccrcdCreedence Clearwater Revival – “Green River”

8 thoughts on “Five-Star Favs – A New Special Feature

  1. Good for you… Think the new addition is a great idea and you’re absolutely correct, what’s the use of having a blog if you can’t include special recognition to the music of your life. You’re right on with your comparison of these two songs. Although a huge fan of Fogerty, in the case of your two selections I have to abstain from giving an edge to either participant. Excellent songs with great riffs and vocals. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the reassurances. I’ve waffled about this for a while, because the other Special Features are pretty much some of my favorite songs too, just packaged a little differently. But not all of them are ‘Five-Stars’. 🙂


  2. It’s a great idea, Geezer! I dithered over whether to post my favourite ‘hit parade flashbacks,’ but opted to do so because they’ve meant so much to me. I’m looking forward to your future entries. (Please note a change of address re: my link in your side-bar. Thanks.)



    1. Thanks for the kind words. Sounds like your thinking went along the same lines as mine. (I’ve changed the link as you asked, and I definitely recommend your blog to GMC visitors.)


      1. FYI: For whatever reason a couple of days ago the blog owner changed the blog from a public blog to a “private” blog so it is no longer accessible without the owner issuing its visitors a password.


        1. You’re right. How odd. Don’t know how it works with them, but WordPress leaves that kind of setting up to the blogger.


    1. Thanks for cranking up the pressure! I don’t actually have a large number that I’ve rated a full five stars and some have been featured in earlier posts, so I might have a little trouble maintaining this. (Of course, I can always change a four to a five.) 🙂


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