Earworms – Slip Out The Back, Jack

The other day my youngest grandson, Jack, was visiting and when he was leaving I said, "Slip out the back, Jack", then broke into laughter. I tried to explain that it reminded me of Paul Simon's big hit song, "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover", but he wasn't too impressed since he had never heard … Continue reading Earworms – Slip Out The Back, Jack

Earworms- A Spooky Movie Song

Whenever I put together a new edition of our Earworms Special Feature, I start by trying to figure out why the song suddenly popped into my head. I think today's candidate started bouncing around between my ears when I read that someone is considering making an updated version of the original Ghostbusters movie. But even … Continue reading Earworms- A Spooky Movie Song

Earworms – Sometimes A Segment Is Enough

The frigid weather we're experiencing helped lead to my latest Earworm, and it also proved that --- as we all know -- sometimes just one phrase from a song does the trick. (Or maybe we should say a 'segment' since we're talking about worms.) It happened for me when I contemplated prying myself out of … Continue reading Earworms – Sometimes A Segment Is Enough

Earworms – The Immaculate Exception?

As I said in the first edition of Earworms, the songs that get stuck in your head are usually not those that were big hits. Or to put it another way, the biggest sellers are already pretty familiar so it seems to me that they'd pop into your head once in a while anyway. But … Continue reading Earworms – The Immaculate Exception?

A New Special Feature – Earworms!

I have to confess that I haven't been particularly eager to add a new Special Feature to the ol' GMC, especially if I didn't see a way to bring something different on board. But then I woke up today with an earworm, and along with it came inspiration -- it was a natural subject for … Continue reading A New Special Feature – Earworms!

Remembering Cal Smith

When I read recently that country singer Cal Smith had died, my first impulse was to find the previous post I'd written about him and point folks to it. The only problem was that I had never written about him before, even though I thought I had. After all, his signature song -- "Country Bumpkin" … Continue reading Remembering Cal Smith

A Head Full Of Newbeats

One thing that most of us have in common is the ability to fixate on a particular song and hear it playing endlessly in our head. And to make matters worse, rather than being one we like it's often one that rubs us the wrong way. At the risk of offending their fans (or the … Continue reading A Head Full Of Newbeats