Earworms – The Immaculate Exception?

As I said in the first edition of Earworms, the songs that get stuck in your head are usually not those that were big hits. Or to put it another way, the biggest sellers are already pretty familiar so it seems to me that they'd pop into your head once in a while anyway. But … Continue reading Earworms – The Immaculate Exception?

Fantastic Foursome – A Very Friendly Song

We're way overdue for a new edition of Fantastic Foursome, the special feature that presents four different takes on a song (plus a video of the definitive version) and lets you decide which you like best. Of course, voting in the poll is completely voluntary but it's quick, easy, and anonymous.Most of us will remember … Continue reading Fantastic Foursome – A Very Friendly Song

Anatomy Of A Song – Holiday Edition

I'm sure I can remember hearing "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" on our record player while I was growing up, and that's entirely possible because the song is older than me -- it has been a popular holiday song for almost eight decades. One reason for that popularity might be that parents loved the … Continue reading Anatomy Of A Song – Holiday Edition