Earworms- A Spooky Movie Song

Whenever I put together a new edition of our Earworms Special Feature, I start by trying to figure out why the song suddenly popped into my head. I think today's candidate started bouncing around between my ears when I read that someone is considering making an updated version of the original Ghostbusters movie. But even … Continue reading Earworms- A Spooky Movie Song

The Inspiration Of Grover Washington, Jr.

I can sometimes be a little oblique in my thinking, but whenever I come across a well-known artist with a 'Jr' added to his name, I always wonder about his father. Was he a musician and did he help his son get started? And was he so renowned himself that his son found it difficult … Continue reading The Inspiration Of Grover Washington, Jr.

Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette

A recent news article about cigarette smokers finding a cheaper way to feed their habit caught my attention, reminding me again how lucky I am to have stopped smoking over thirty years ago. I don't mean to sound smug about it because I have plenty of other bad habits, and since I was never a … Continue reading Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette