The Music Of The Sopranos

Most know by now that James Gandofini has unexpectedly died in Rome from an apparent heart attack. Not surprisingly, there are countless articles exploding into the media stream about the 51-year-old actor, and even though he had a diverse career most are centered around his iconic gangster character, Tony Soprano. We're doing the same here … Continue reading The Music Of The Sopranos

Spring And Strange Slideshows

Now that March has arrived, I wanted to do a slideshow with bright and colorful pictures that would herald the approach of Spring, but I got sidetracked by something. The slideshow widget used by WordPress (the GMC host) has either changed or my memory is worse than I thought, because no matter what size pictures … Continue reading Spring And Strange Slideshows

Carmen Cavallaro – Poet Of The Piano

One of the most popular pieces on the GMC is The REAL Eddy Duchin Story, which has been visited thousands of times since its appearance a couple of years ago. In fact, it received a burst of 2,000 visits in one day when the movie of the same name was shown recently on Turner Classics. … Continue reading Carmen Cavallaro – Poet Of The Piano

Just So You’ll Know

Nothing too complicated today. I just thought I'd explain something that might have piqued your curiosity. You might have noticed that the music samples I post (for a limited time) have been presented in a number of different ways, and there's a reason for that. WordPress does an excellent job of hosting the GMC, but … Continue reading Just So You’ll Know

Mozart Meets Waldo De Los Rios

Although purists might have disliked the practice, making classical music more friendly to modern listeners has always been a regular part of the music world. I've written before about how much I've always enjoyed the swing versions of the classics that many big bands generated during their heyday, and certainly artists like Mantovani -- and … Continue reading Mozart Meets Waldo De Los Rios

Freddy Martin Introduced Tchaikovsky To Millions

I've always enjoyed listening to jazzed-up versions of classical pieces, especially those as performed during the big band era. Even if purists might have dismissed the practice, it did offer the music of the ages to many people who would otherwise have shied away from what they called 'long-hair' music. (A term that has certainly … Continue reading Freddy Martin Introduced Tchaikovsky To Millions

Robert Maxwell – Beyond Gorilla Music

In a recent post about Ernie Kovacs' Nairobi Trio, I identified the musical piece played by the gorilla-masked characters -- “Solfeggio” -- but neglected to mention the composer, who actually wrote several better-known songs. Harpist Robert Maxwell, who composed instrumental classics like "Shangri-La" and "Ebb Tide," deserves a closer look. The New York native grew … Continue reading Robert Maxwell – Beyond Gorilla Music

Nairobi Trio Gave A Classic Performance

Almost a half-century ago, comedian Ernie Kovacs died in an auto crash, one that was said to have been caused by him trying to drive while lighting one of his signature cigars. At the time, he was just 42 and married to beautiful singer/actress Edie Adams, and was finding some success as a busy character … Continue reading Nairobi Trio Gave A Classic Performance

Franck Pourcel And His French Fiddlers

The French have had their share of musical stars through the years, and seem to have been especially strong in instrumental pop and light classics, a genre sometimes called Easy Listening. A while back I wrote about Paul Mauriat, and another good example would be his friend and frequent collaborator, Franck Pourcel. Pourcel was the … Continue reading Franck Pourcel And His French Fiddlers

Bringing Beethoven To Disco – Walter Murphy

One of my favorite musical sub-genres (or maybe sub-sub-genre) is when modern musicians take classical music and put an updated spin on it. What might at first glance seem disrespectful can produce some intriguing sounds. It's long been a common practice among jazz musicians, and even has a name -- "jazzin' the classics" -- but … Continue reading Bringing Beethoven To Disco – Walter Murphy