Just So You’ll Know

Nothing too complicated today. I just thought I’d explain something that might have piqued your curiosity. You might have noticed that the music samples I post (for a limited time) have been presented in a number of different ways, and there’s a reason for that. WordPress does an excellent job of hosting the GMC, but I do have to work within the choices they give for the posting of music files, and that’s where it all begins.

The best is the embedded WordPress widget because it’s the easiest for visitors to use, but it requires me to have a file host that allows direct linking. A WordPress upgrade would furnish that, but I’m too frugal (OK, cheap) to pay for it, so I use the ‘free’ web space my broadband vendor gives me. However, I can’t begin to describe the problems I’ve encountered with it.

Andrés Segovia – “Danza Espanola, Op.37 – No.5 Andaluza”

Another type of embedded player WordPress allows is one from Soundcloud, but that’s a service that’s meant more for personal music. It doesn’t work well with most regular stuff.

So lately I’ve just been posting a link that takes you to a separate page or tab, where an established site hosts it. I was using Divshare for a while, but I have now switched to Box.net, which does a pretty good job. (They also have a WordPress widget available that will put the music in a box on the left sidebar, but I’m still experimenting with that. I might surprise you with it later.)

If you want to hear the same song on either, here are the links.

Divshare link

Box.net link

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