Frank Wess Transitioned Several Eras

wessWhen I read that Frank Wess had died recently, I remembered that he’d been featured on the GMC in the past so I set about the process I usually follow to mark the passing of a notable musical performer, which is to revive the original post and add some new material. What I discovered was that he’d actually shown up twice; both times in my reviews of new albums. (Newer visitors to the GMC might not realize that many of the earlier posts were written during my ‘music critic’ phase.)

Wess, who died at age 91 in New York, was an award-winning flutist and saxophonist who performed in – and sometimes led – many different musical groups throughout his long career. During his seven decades of performing he worked with everybody from Count Basie to Mel Tormé, while earning many honors and the respect of his peers.

Here are links to the two earlier posts and a song from one of the albums. At the bottom is a video of Frank Wess.

REVIEW: Frank Wess Nonet – Once Is Not Enough

REVIEW: Hank Jones & Frank Wess – Hank and Frank II

Frank Wess Nonet -“Dementia, My Darling” 

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