Diamonds In The Rough – Part III

roughdiaOnce again, I’m offering up a handful of choice goodies for an edition of our newest Special Feature, Diamonds In The Rough. It’s my not-so humble attempt to showcase some of the GMC’s noteworthy posts from the early days. (Noteworthy being defined as the ones I like.)

In case you haven’t noticed by now, I’m slowly working my way back from the oldest posts. We’re now up to early 2008, so we’ve got plenty more to dig up and expose to the light of day. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

diacdKarl Jenkins & Adiemus – “Palladio 1st Movement from Diamond Music” 


The Little Rascals And A Shot At Movie Stardom

Turkey, Trimmings — And Straw?

Hank Williams And The Hunt For The Elusive Sassafras

Brainwashed(?) By Radio Moscow

Sleepin’ In The Country

Transistors, Rock & Roll, And — Polkas?

Dodging The Doofus Preceded Dancing With The Stars

Cuttin’ Wax In Post-War Motown

Adventures In Radio — 1960’s Style

In Search Of Singing Cowboys

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