Coping By Camping

After a series of days with high temperatures of 100 or more (peaking at 109 on one very memorable day), our part of the Midwest has cooled off to the mid 90s. Funny, that used to seem hot. But even with the cooler temperatures, we're still under drought conditions and there is no sign of … Continue reading Coping By Camping

The Hairy Ape

We haven't had one of those slideshow things for a while, so I thought I'd do one today. As a subject I've picked something near and dear to me -- whiskers. Although I've been relatively clean-shaven for the last few years, for most of my adult life I've had a full beard.  (I say 'relatively' … Continue reading The Hairy Ape

Messages From Animals

Although I understand that the critters in the pictures below aren't really responsible for the messages, there's not much doubt that many animals do communicate. I'm reminded of the squirrels that sometimes cavort around when I'm taking a walk in a nearby parkland. (Actually it's a park-like cemetery, but I thought that might sound creepy … Continue reading Messages From Animals