Coping By Camping

After a series of days with high temperatures of 100 or more (peaking at 109 on one very memorable day), our part of the Midwest has cooled off to the mid 90s. Funny, that used to seem hot.

But even with the cooler temperatures, we’re still under drought conditions and there is no sign of rain in the forecast. I finally gave in and had our scrufty, ugly yard mowed. Of course, it wasn’t anything resembling grass so I guess you could say that the mower sort of evened up the weeds.

Maybe my son and his family have the right idea. They threw their camping equipment into their truck last week and took off on an extended road trip through Wyoming and Montana. Thanks to the wonder of occasionally finding an campsite with wi-fi, he’s been able to send an email update once in a while. Sounds like they’re having a good time and temperatures are 20-30 degrees cooler than here, but he did mention something about being careful around bears. Sort of reminds me of atrip I remember from my childhood.

Ray Stevens – “The Camping Trip” 

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