Messages From Animals

Although I understand that the critters in the pictures below aren’t really responsible for the messages, there’s not much doubt that many animals do communicate.

I’m reminded of the squirrels that sometimes cavort around when I’m taking a walk in a nearby parkland. (Actually it’s a park-like cemetery, but I thought that might sound creepy — especially this near to Halloween.) They seem very skittish and seldom stop bouncing along until they’re a safe distance from me, but then they start chittering furiously as if they think I’m going to raid their nest and carry away their babies — or maybe their nuts. Certainly they’re attempting communication, even if I’m not keeping up my part of the process.

I once loaded my pockets with peanuts before leaving home, but when I then tried to gently toss one to a squirrel the tasty legume was apparently turned into a deadly missile. At least that’s what the squirrel seemed to think, judging from how he ran away and started up the closest tree. Hopefully, he returned later for it.

Once again, thanks to ‘M’ for his amazing ability to find pictures like those below.

Ray Stevens – “Mississippi Squirrel Revival”


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