Fantastic Foursome – A Very Friendly Song

We're way overdue for a new edition of Fantastic Foursome, the special feature that presents four different takes on a song (plus a video of the definitive version) and lets you decide which you like best. Of course, voting in the poll is completely voluntary but it's quick, easy, and anonymous.Most of us will remember … Continue reading Fantastic Foursome – A Very Friendly Song

Four Aces Struck Gold In The 1950s

In the early 1950s the big band era was winding down and the rock and roll revolution was still to come. The pop music landscape was filled with a little bit of everything, and among those who thrived were singing groups that seemed to spin out hit after hit by specializing in sweet ballads. One … Continue reading Four Aces Struck Gold In The 1950s

The Fascination Of Sand Sculptures

Earlier this year, I posted a piece that included a picture of a thought-provoking sand sculpture. That particular work of art exhibited some of the qualities that I've always found most fascinating about this type of sculpture. It's a given that it begins with the talent and skill of the artist, but another facet I've … Continue reading The Fascination Of Sand Sculptures