Ken Curtis – Crooner Turned Cowboy

Although I usually include just one video with each post, a while back I featured one with several videos because I wanted to show the arc of a performer's career. Same thing today, but with a twist. We're going to spotlight the singing career of a guy who was better known as a Western actor. … Continue reading Ken Curtis – Crooner Turned Cowboy

Bubbling Along With Shep Fields And – Festus?

It might surprise you to learn that Lawrence Welk wasn't the first bandleader to have a 'bubbling' theme. Although Welk's champagne bubbles eventually became a famous part of his image, Shep Fields preceded him with his Rippling Rhythm orchestra in the Thirties. His group -- one of the 'sweet' bands of the big band era … Continue reading Bubbling Along With Shep Fields And – Festus?