So Far So Good, But. . .

It's always been my experience that you can read about and hear about something in advance, but when you actually do it you will have surprises coming your way. I thought I'd pass along a few of the things I'm discovering. You never know, you might need them. To begin with, leave it to me … Continue reading So Far So Good, But. . .

Sight For Sore Eyes

In addition to being the title of a song by Aerosmith, Tom Waits, Vince Gill and a few others, "Sight For Sore Eyes" sort of relates to what's about to happen to me. Tomorrow morning I'll be undergoing the first of my cataract surgeries, beginning with my left eye -- the weaker of the two. … Continue reading Sight For Sore Eyes

A New Way To Listen

Once again I've discovered that something I'd always more or less ignored is actually a pretty good idea. I have a habit of doing that, unfortunately. When something new comes along I tend to think it's just a fad, and has nothing to offer me. I guess I'm the opposite of an early adopter. . … Continue reading A New Way To Listen

In Pursuit Of Seeing Clearly

You probably remember Johnny Nash's 1972 number-one hit "I Can See Clearly Now" (you can hear it below), but it has added meaning for me because I hope to sing it myself in the not too distant future. (Well, at least hum it -- my singing voice is something along the lines of the sound … Continue reading In Pursuit Of Seeing Clearly