So Far So Good, But. . .

It’s always been my experience that you can read about and hear about something in advance, but when you actually do it you will have surprises coming your way. I thought I’d pass along a few of the things I’m discovering. You never know, you might need them.

To besticker375x360.u2gin with, leave it to me to have a “severe” cataract. (The doctor’s description, not mine. I wouldn’t know a severe cataract from a cantankerous catamount.) In any case, I’m apparently not one of the easy peasy cataract fixes. Nothing to worry about, but after two days my cornea is still swollen, so my vision is still blurry. Treatment is a zillion different eyedrops and they’ve doubled up on the one that contains steroids, which has me visualizing my eyeball growing bulging muscles. I would guess that I’d flunk a drug test if I was a professional athlete.

I’m also discovering that I’m sort of betwixt and between on how to use my glasses. In theory the “fixed” eye will continue getting better but the other one still needs my glasses to see through. Solution? Pop out the lens from one side of my glasses. So at this time my clearest vision is when I wear my glasses open on one side. But there’s a catch. (Isn’t there always?) I have found that the two eyes aren’t playing together nicely. Everything I look at has a ghost. And I don’t mean a faint, wispy one. It’s more like seeing two of everything.

The good news is that I get to go through it all again later, with the other eye. Yippee.


4 thoughts on “So Far So Good, But. . .

  1. I used to get that ‘double vision’ thing when I wore contacts – not all the time but it was aggravating when it happened. Hope you’re feeling better.


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