In Pursuit Of Seeing Clearly

You probably remember Johnny Nash’s 1972 number-one hit “I Can See Clearly Now” (you can hear it below), but it has added meaning for me because I hope to sing it myself in the not too distant future. (Well, at least hum it — my singing voice is something along the lines of the sound you’d hear from a cat with its tail caught under a rocking chair.)

In short, I find myself on the brink of cataract surgery, something that I really need but am also pretty nervous about. I know, I know, it’s one of the safest operations around, with a near-perfect expectation of success. But these are my EYES we’re talking about. I don’t have any extras in my pocket.face-glasses-at-vector-online

I’ve known for a long time that my eyes were going bad but kept putting off the inevitable. In fact, regular visitors to the GMC might remember a post I wrote early in 2018 that went into a lot of discussion about the readability of websites. It was a post that kicked off a new feature that I called Squeaky Wheel. I think I made some good points at the time but I knew I was just postponing the inevitable.

So here we are. I’ll be starting the process soon and it will take several weeks to get done with the surgeries, follow ups, countless daily eyedrops and the like. But hopefully I’ll then be able to sing my song. (I’m not having vocal cord surgery though, so I still won’t sound good.)

4 thoughts on “In Pursuit Of Seeing Clearly

  1. You’ve been through a lot I wouldn’t worry about the cataract surgery get yourself some nice theratears lubricant or afterwards and if you’re a candidate for toric lenses they work out fine


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