Terry Noland – West To East And Back Again

Several times in the past we've spotlighted guys like Buddy Knox, Sonny Curtis, and a few others who all seemed cut from the same cloth as Buddy Holly. They hailed from the same part of the country, had a similar musical style, and inevitably spent some time at the iconic studio of Norman Petty in … Continue reading Terry Noland – West To East And Back Again

Tommy Roe – Beyond Buddy Holly

More than once I've written about performers who were either contemporaries of Buddy Holly or seemed to echo his style in the years following his tragic death in 1959, but there's always room for one more story. Like the tale of singer/songwriter Tommy Roe, who even now continues to entertain fans after a long career … Continue reading Tommy Roe – Beyond Buddy Holly

Waylon’s Hero – Sonny Curtis

One of the longest-running and most intriguing careers in popular music has been that of singer/songwriter Sonny Curtis, who is still active after more than a half-century in the business. Along the way, the Texas native has had connections with everyone from Buddy Holly to Mary Tyler Moore. Like Holly, Curtis grew up in the … Continue reading Waylon’s Hero – Sonny Curtis

Buddy Knox vs Buddy Holly

At one time, I thought that Buddy Knox's 1957 chart-topping "Party Doll" was reminiscent of something Elvis might perform. But my opinion changed through the years, and I eventually decided that Knox was probably a little more like his fellow West Texas native Buddy Holly. In addition to sharing a similar background, both wrote a … Continue reading Buddy Knox vs Buddy Holly

The Sixth Passenger – Hawkshaw Hawkins

I've written before about the 1959 plane crash at Clear Lake, which claimed the lives of three rock and roll stars -- Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper. I've also written about an eerily-similar accident that occurred a few years later, one involving country music headliners Cowboy Copas and Patsy Cline. But there … Continue reading The Sixth Passenger – Hawkshaw Hawkins

After Clear Lake — Bobby Vee

Bobby Vee (Robert Thomas Velline) April 30, 1943 - October 24, 2016 Having written recently about the infamous 1959 Clear Lake plane crash that claimed Buddy Holly and the others, I thought it might be worth mentioning one more of the era's singers who also had a connection with the event. You might even say … Continue reading After Clear Lake — Bobby Vee

The Third Passenger At Clear Lake

I suppose it's just a microcosm of life itself, but pop music is filled with haunting stories and senseless tragedies. One of those occurred in 1959 at Clear Lake, Iowa, when a plane crash took the life of the pilot and his three passengers. It's been immortalized as 'The Day the Music Died', but most … Continue reading The Third Passenger At Clear Lake