Hatfields & McCoys Strike A Familiar Chord

We watched and enjoyed the recent TV mini-series about the Hatfields & McCoys, and apparently we weren't the only ones. It set all kinds of records for a cable program, which surprised a lot of people. I guess it just shows you how fascinating hillbillies are to watch. Or maybe it was all the feudin' … Continue reading Hatfields & McCoys Strike A Familiar Chord

Milton Brown And The Evolution Of Taste

I was thinking today about how a person's tastes in music can change -- the person in this case being myself, but I think it's true of most of us. I can think of a lot of examples from my own meandering course through musical waters but one that comes readily to mind is how … Continue reading Milton Brown And The Evolution Of Taste

Dodging Turntables On The Turnpike

I've written before about my days as a radio DJ (HERE's one example) but I was recently reminded of a strange road trip that occurred during my earliest days in radio. It all started with turntables for a new radio station that I was helping my boss get started. Big, heavy-duty turntables were a necessity … Continue reading Dodging Turntables On The Turnpike

VIdeo Treasure Chest Includes Musical Gems

It's kind of funny how things come together once in a while. A recent GMC comment led to a dialog in which I reiterated my opinion that the quality and scope of videos available online is staggering. It seems as if someone has posted a video for almost anything that might come to mind, including … Continue reading VIdeo Treasure Chest Includes Musical Gems

Bringing Nostalgia To Life

I love to look at old pictures, but most photos taken prior to the midpoint of the twentieth century are in black and white. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I do like the realism of color and I don't think I'm alone in that feeling. That's probably the main reason why the … Continue reading Bringing Nostalgia To Life

A Porcine Song With A Message

We can all understand the importance of self-reliance, but how we express the need to take care of ourselves can sometimes be a little baffling to those unfamiliar with a particular idiom. A good example is an expression that's been around for many generations, one that has become so firmly entrenched that it has even … Continue reading A Porcine Song With A Message