VIdeo Treasure Chest Includes Musical Gems

It’s kind of funny how things come together once in a while. A recent GMC comment led to a dialog in which I reiterated my opinion that the quality and scope of videos available online is staggering. It seems as if someone has posted a video for almost anything that might come to mind, including many nostalgic musical treats. It’s a veritable treasure chest of gems from the past.

I had that thought in mind today when I happened to catch the beginning of the classic film, The Music Man, on TV. Although the most remembered song in the movie (and the Broadway show) is probably “Seventy-Six Trombones,” I’ve always enjoyed the opening sequence which features a song — of sorts — that is almost unbelievable in its rhythms and complexity.

After watching the scene on TV I decided to test my theory about the availability of videos. I easily found it on Youtube and I’ve posted it below. I was sorry to see that it omits the final part of the scene, in which Professor Harold Hill identifies himself and jumps off the train under the amazed gaze of the others. (Although you can spot him in several quick glimpses during the song.)

The visual quality is very good but the sound level is kind of low, so turn up your speakers and enjoy a delightful helping of fast double-talk that puts modern rappers to shame.

Boston Pops Orchestra – “Seventy-Six Trombones”

4 thoughts on “VIdeo Treasure Chest Includes Musical Gems

  1. This is among my top 5 favorite movies of all time. (Maybe because I was in the musical in high school? But also maybe because of Robert Preston’s incredibly energetic performance that would sell ice to Eskimos. Or Shirley Jones’s limpid beauty. Or Hermione Gingold. Or…or..) Anyway, I DVR’d the recent broadcast of the film on TCM and am waiting for just the right time to watch it in its entirety. So I won’t spoil the anticipation by watching this clip, but thanks for the reminder of what I have to look forward to!)


  2. Musicals generally leave me cold, but I love this one. Ah, you beat me to it – my favorite bit is “Trouble in River City”.


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