Dick Clark – It All Began With American Bandstand

A little honesty is called for here. Whenever a familiar name from the musical world dies, if it’s someone that I’ve written about before then I often repost the previous piece, with an introduction explaining why I’m doing so. But it’s not quite that simple with Dick Clark, who died recently. He wasn’t a musical performer himself, and the only previous post I have for him is a 2007 review of a boxed set titled 50th Anniversary Collection – Dick Clark’s American Bandstand.

But that provided me with a theme for this piece, because even though Clark had a long and varied career, his first big success – and the foundation of much that followed – was American Bandstand. The show originated in Philadelphia in 1952 and Clark took over a few years later, eventually moving it to Los Angeles. It continued in one form or another for decades, and was the beginning of what would become his production empire.

So for our humble tribute to Dick Clark, below is a video from the early years of the show, along with a cut from the boxed set — the song that was for many years the theme of the show.

Les Elgart – “Bandstand Boogie”

One thought on “Dick Clark – It All Began With American Bandstand

  1. Should have been crucified via the Payola Scandals. Came out smelling like a rose while they hounded Alan Freed to death,
    And what did Dick give us in return??
    The Phildelphia Phonies!!


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