Self-Styled ‘Shockumentary’ Introduced Classic Song

We all remember the days when movies were much milder — not only in terms of language, nudity, or sexual themes, but also in content. That might be at least part of the reason why some otherwise forgettable films made such an impression on us in those days by pushing the envelope a little. But in at least one case, a self-styled ‘Shockumentary’ also introduced a timeless song.

In the early Sixties, the kind of reality TV that we’ve now grown accustomed to was not around, and when Mondo Cane first appeared it was most folks’ first exposure to many of the world’s bizarre sights. Although the film’s lurid parade of exotic cultural practices and strange customs would be very familiar to anyone who watches cable TV these days, it was weirdly fascinating at the time.

The film was an Italian import, and even though versions that played in some areas were toned down a little to pass nervous censors (who were mostly concerned about gore), it found a lot of success at the box office. It also spawned a number of sequels and imitations, most of them of even lower quality.

But one thing that Mondo Cane accomplished that can never be taken away from it: the movie was nominated for an Oscar — not in the category of Best Documentary, but rather for a song. Originally an instrumental titled “Ti guarderò nel cuore,” and written by Riz Ortolani and Nino Oliviero, it would later have lyrics added and become a much-loved piece called simply “More.”

Andy Williams – “More”

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