Celebrate The Holiday With A Different Kind Of Melon

Regular readers might immediately notice that I am once again using the slideshow doohickey, and for the subject matter I’ve chosen yet another kind of unusual sculpture. Having already briefly covered ice sculptures and sand sculptures, I decided on this holiday weekend to delve into the vegetable kingdom (or maybe the fruit kingdom; I never could keep that straight) for a slideshow of watermelon sculptures.

Watermelons were definitely a part of special occasions I remember from my childhood, when a lot of assorted family members would get together in my grandparents’ large back yard to feast and have fun. The big tin washtub full of ice and drinks would usually have a watermelon in it too, and there was nothing better on a hot day.

One thing I’m pretty sure about, though — we didn’t have any trendy square watermelons around in those days. And that’s a good thing, because it would have made it much more difficult for us kids to roll them across the lawn to put into the tub of ice water.

Scott Anderson – “Cuttin’ Melons”

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