Just A Nice Weekend Walk

Not too much going on today, so I thought it was about time we did another of those slide show thingys. It’s just a series of pictures that show what happened one day when a guy was walking his dogs along a quiet country road.

And — of course — we need the proper mood music.

Chet Atkins & Tommy Emmanuel – “Smokey Mountain Lullaby”


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4 thoughts on “Just A Nice Weekend Walk

  1. Deer are beautiful animals as all in that family are.
    More people should remember to lower their headlights when driving around them at night. If you do that, they can see better and get out of the way.


  2. I thought it would be a nice little interlude. In fact, that was my original title, but I was afraid it sounded like I was featuring classical music. Not that there’s anything wrong with classical music. 😉


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