Lookin’ Good

Regular readers have certainly noticed that we have a new look. I hope it meets with your approval. I do have some practical reasons for making the change, but I kind of like how it looks anyway.

I actually didn’t have a big problem with the previous theme, but the new one has a couple of things going for it. First, I like the way it uses the full width of the screen (the other one had a lot of wasted space) and second, I think it will be more readable. A couple of people had mentioned that the previous one was sometimes a little hard to read, and — to my eye, at least — this one is better.

Besides, I like to try new things. And in that vein, I thought I might introduce some of you to a very good but relatively unappreciated singer/songwriter named John Brannen. The Georgia musician has been a favorite of many over the last couple of decades, and has worked with everybody from Waylon Jennings to the Eagles. Many of his fans call him an ‘underground legend’, and some have compared him to Springsteen.

I like his style. See what you think.

John Brannen – “Lookin’ Good”

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