Getting To Know Arthur Greenslade

I’ve mentioned before that I like to periodically check the freebies that Amazon and other online music sellers offer. Although some of the tracks they give away are a little iffy, you can also find yourself getting acquainted with good music from someone you might not know too well, like Arthur Greenslade.

Arthur Greenslade’s name might not be a familiar one to most current music fans, but by the time he died in 2003 the British-born pianist, arranger, and agconductor had spent a half-century as a solid and respected part of the pop music scene. During his career he worked with everyone from Engelbert Humperdinck to the Rolling Stones.

Greenslade was a piano prodigy who was playing professionally by his mid-teens. In his early years, he appeared in various bands that included those of Cyril Stapleton and Oscar Rabin, and eventually formed his own group, Arthur Greenslade & The G-Men. By the 1960s and later, Greenslade was much in demand as an arranger and musical director, and had worked with some of the biggest names in pop music, including Tom Jones, Johnny Mathis, and Dusty Springfield. He even helped out on French pop star Serge Gainsbourg’s infamous erotic duet with British model Jane Birkin on “Je T’Aime…Moi Non Plus.” (Video below.)

Greenslade also conducted orchestras in venues as varied as Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood Bowl, and even branched into TV as the musical director for The Shirley Bassey Show. He also found a lot of success working in films, including collaborating with Rod McKuen for The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.

In later years, Arthur and his wife relocated to Australia, where he died in 2003.

(Follow the album link at the bottom to listen to more of his tunes.)

Arthur Greenslade and orchestra – “I’m a Fool to Care”


2 thoughts on “Getting To Know Arthur Greenslade

  1. Greetings BG.

    You might realise from my name on this post, – I am related to Arthur, i am his Grandson. thank you for writing what you have done, and for strictly being 100% factual! I was inspired by him, he was a very loving and helpful person, and i have gone on to carve my career in the music business. I was born in Sydney, but i now reside in the UK, something which he was very certain that i should do. It was such a shame he never got a chance to show me his past here, but i continue to try to live up to his standards!

    I must finally make a website based on him, with discography etc etc, which i have been planning for years now!

    Good luck with continuing your blog.

    All the very best,

    Ben Greenslade-Stanton


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