From Pom-Poms To Vampires – Toni Basil

Although I occasionally write holiday-themed pieces, a lot of special days pretty much pass with minimal notice on the ol' GMC. I guess I'm just enough of a contrarian to not follow what is a pretty universal practice in blogdom. Having said that, I thought maybe today I'd write a Halloween piece. I guess you … Continue reading From Pom-Poms To Vampires – Toni Basil

Blasted Bloodsuckers

I hate mosquitoes. That might seem like an odd way to begin a post on a music blog. It also might seem to be out of season, since this is October and everybody knows mosquitoes are Summer critters, right? Wrong. I just got bit by one, adding yet another chapter to my lifelong love/hate relationship. … Continue reading Blasted Bloodsuckers