Blasted Bloodsuckers

I hate mosquitoes.

That might seem like an odd way to begin a post on a music blog. It also might seem to be out of season, since this is October and everybody knows mosquitoes are Summer critters, right? Wrong. I just got bit by one, adding yet another chapter to my lifelong love/hate relationship. (I hate them with a passion — they love to suck my blood.)

I try to walk for exercise every day, and even though I have a treadmill for use during bad weather I’d much rather do my walking mosoutside in the fresh air, listening to my little MP3 player as I go. But during late Summer that means there are mosquitoes around, and they’ll always find me. Even if I spray insect repellent all over myself, they’ll find the spots I’ve missed and nail me faster than Brett Favre can change teams. Maybe they consider the repellent to be something like hot sauce on buffalo wings — they just slurp it off and dive in.

And here’s something else — why are these guys biting people during the day? It seems to me that mosquitoes used to be something that came out only at night, like vampires. I know these are tough times but is the competition for plasma so fierce now that some of the overachievers have to risk sunlight to get the jump on their peers? Will vampires soon be doing the same?

I thought I’d be safe today. After all, it’s October and the temperatures have dropped into the thirties at night, which should kill them off. Just my luck — the last mosquito of the Summer found me just before it died. Why should I be surprised?

Stan Getz – “Mosquito Knees”


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