Pat Upton’s Brush With Fate

It always fascinates me to run across odd musical stories, and Pat Upton, the star of the pop group, Spiral Starecase (no, that name isn't mispelled), has a good one. Upton was Alabama-born, and first made his mark in music in the mid-sixties when he joined the Fydallions, a Sacramento-based band formed by a bunch … Continue reading Pat Upton’s Brush With Fate

In Search Of A Salty Dog

Just browsing through old pictures again, and I happened across one that includes a really cute little fella. No, not me. I'm referring to the puppy I'm holding, although I have to blushingly admit that I did possess a little touch of cuteness myself (long since lost). A lot of dogs and a slew of … Continue reading In Search Of A Salty Dog