The Music Of “Dad Movies”

It seems like I'm always reading or hearing about dad jokes, dad clothes, or dad bodies, and a few other things as well. As I understand it, the description is used to poke a little fun at what the younger crowd considers corny tastes or behavior by older guys like their dads (or grandpas). Of … Continue reading The Music Of “Dad Movies”

Mamma Mia! Morgana King’s Singing Side

Here's something the average person probably doesn't know. The actress who played Vito Corleone's wife Carmela in the first two Godfather movies (you know, the good ones) was also a very respected and influential jazz vocalist. Now in her eighties, Morgana King was a serious singer for many years before - and after - she … Continue reading Mamma Mia! Morgana King’s Singing Side

Al Martino Will Be Remembered

When I read that Al Martino had died recently, a number of thoughts went through my mind. Like a lot of people, I thought about his appearances in the Godfather movies -- not a lot of screen time, but memorable nonetheless. He played a mob-connected singer named Johnny Fontane, a character rumored to have been … Continue reading Al Martino Will Be Remembered