A Crooner’s Connection To The Beatles

It's time to revisit one of our favorite subjects -- crooners -- and take a look at the story of a singer who not only had a tragically shortened career, but also a direct connection to the Beatles. His name was Buddy Clark, and his biggest hit was on a song that was written specifically … Continue reading A Crooner’s Connection To The Beatles

Beatles Were Inspired By Channel And McClinton

Among all the classic songs that have been performed by artists known as one-hit wonders, there are some that just seem to be sort of special. Designating them as so might be a matter of personal opinion, but one I'd nominate is 1962's "Hey! Baby," with vocal by Bruce Channel and harmonica accompaniment by Delbert … Continue reading Beatles Were Inspired By Channel And McClinton

Jersey’s Answer To The Beatles

In a recent piece about the Buckinghams I wrote about the British musical invasion of the Sixties and how it caused many American bands to change, but some groups didn't just emulate the haircuts and quaint English-style suits. They also made a conscious effort to sound like some of the biggest British bands. The Knickerbockers … Continue reading Jersey’s Answer To The Beatles

Chicago’s Faux-British Buckinghams

The British musical invasion of the Sixties changed the face of pop music, but not just in terms of the music itself. The songs from bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were tremendously popular, but a lot of American bands also adopted the look, complete with shaggy haircuts and English-style clothes. I've written … Continue reading Chicago’s Faux-British Buckinghams

Johnny Duncan’s ‘Skiffle’ Inspired The Beatles

If you were to ask current music fans what they know about Johnny Duncan, most would either not recognize the name or would think of the country music star who first rose to prominence in the 1970s. But there was an earlier Johnny Duncan and his story makes for a fascinating tale, one that involves … Continue reading Johnny Duncan’s ‘Skiffle’ Inspired The Beatles