Misadventures Of A Little League Bench-Warmer

I always enjoy watching the Little League World Series this time of the year. Sixteen teams of 10-12 year-olds from around the world gather in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, for a double elimination tournament to decide who can call themselves champions for this year. And of course I can't help but compare it to my own checkered … Continue reading Misadventures Of A Little League Bench-Warmer

Squeaky Wheel Says: Leave Baseball Alone!

On this edition of the Squeaky Wheel, the GMC Special Feature that allows me to grumble about whatever is currently bugging me, we're going to tackle the question of why they keep trying to speed up the game of baseball. You can't help but see it discussed everywhere these days, and you might think it's … Continue reading Squeaky Wheel Says: Leave Baseball Alone!

Bat These Around For A While

Now that I'm once again fully involved in the new baseball season (it takes me a while) I thought I'd feature a special kind of sculpture in a slideshow. It's dedicated to all the guys who are swinging their bats. Of course, a few of them need to be sent back to the minors. Django … Continue reading Bat These Around For A While

Impossible To Ignore

I know I've brought up baseball a time or two here, and I've also mentioned that I've been a St. Louis Cardinal fan for many years, going back to my early childhood memories of sitting on the porch with my Dad, listening to them on the radio. But since I'm always sensitive to the fact … Continue reading Impossible To Ignore

Games Within Games

I guess I'm all caught up in baseball lately, so am probably not quite as music-oriented as usual. (But I will close with an appropriate tune.) The deadline for non-waiver deals has passed and the number of trades made, coupled with continuing stories about steroids, makes baseball the biggest thing on sports pages this weekend. … Continue reading Games Within Games