Impossible To Ignore

I know I’ve brought up baseball a time or two here, and I’ve also mentioned that I’ve been a St. Louis Cardinal fan for many years, going back to my early childhood memories of sitting on the porch with my Dad, listening to them on the radio. But since I’m always sensitive to the fact that the GMC is — by definition — a place for music, I’ve tried to keep non-musical pieces to a minimum. Today I’m making an exception, because it’s impossible for me to ignore what I saw over the weekend.

Please understand that I’m not one of Albert Pujols’ do-or-die fans. I do appreciate the record-breaking career that he has forged so far and I enjoy seeing him perform, but I know that life will go on if he ends up playing somewhere else next year.

But as great as he has been, it was both startling and special to see him hit walk-off winning homers two days in a row against the arch-rival Cubs. Absolutely amazing — especially given all the questions that have swirled around him this year.

Not too much gets me excited these days — but this did.

Mabel Scott – “Baseball Boogie”


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