I’m Really Back Now – And Something Is New!

bgtoonA serious and extensive bout of surgery after my heart attack, followed by a lonnng recuperation, but I’m finally home and able to do a few things (like this).

I’m not too nimble so it will take a little time to get up to speed and begin posting again, but I wanted to let everybody know my status, and also advise you that I’ve purchased the geezermusicclub.com domain. You might want to change your bookmark but WordPress will automatically forward you to the new one anyway, at least for a while. This also means that you won’t see the annoying ads plastered all over the page. And finally, I now have more flexibility in customizing so I will be trying to work on the look of the pages a little — not major changes, but I would like to use darker fonts for those us who have to squint a little too much. 😉

Boy Howdy, it’s good to be back!






14 thoughts on “I’m Really Back Now – And Something Is New!

  1. Would love to hear/see more of
    my 2 favorite male singers: Guy Mitchell and Jerry Vale. They don’t make them like they used to. 😦


  2. Well, I was thinking the worst so it was good to see your email in my inbox today. I’m looking forward to you next post. Thanks for the informative entertainment. All the best.


    1. It’s good to hear from you, Les. You might have noticed that I’m tinkering with the website a little. Have found a way to make the text more readable but the header is still a work in progress. This new theme keeps wanting to put my profile picture on it. I’ll figure it out eventually. 😉


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