Surprise! I’m stopping by for a visit because I have something to announce — my new e-book! Now you can see what I’ve been doing with myself since I stopped actively blogging a while back. It’s a project I’ve actually been working on for a long time, but I’ve now had the time to finish it and offer it to anyone who might find it interesting.

mm6A couple of things. First, I’m not pretending to be an award-winning writer or anything. After all, any boob can publish an e-book (as I’m now proving). And second, I’ve never tried to sell anything here and I’m not pushing now. (The ads you might have occasionally noticed below the posts are not from me.) It’s priced at the minimum they would allow — 99 cents — and I only get a fraction of that, but if you’d like to buy it, great. If not, no problem.

It is, of course, derived from the 1500 posts that I’ve written over the past nine years, but it’s been edited and distilled down to mostly the nostalgia side of things, rather than the musical. More to the point, it’s filled with my personal memories of a specific time and place — middle America during the latter half of the twentieth century.

You can go to the Amazon listing by clicking on the book cover or HERE.  (You can also get a free sample there.)

4 thoughts on “SURPRISE!

  1. Thanks for the nice words, David. As for me showing up again, mostly it’s just answering comments — but you never know.
    (I might mention to other readers that David’s fine blog, A Trip Down Memory Lane, can be accessed from the link on the left side.)


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