A Message For My Friends

bgtoonI’ve given this a lot of thought for some time now, and I’ve finally come to a decision. After nine years and 1500 posts, I’m ready to step back from all this for a while. I can’t say I won’t resurface at some point in the future, but for right now I’m going to call a halt. I’ve always promised that I wouldn’t leave you hanging by just stopping one day without letting you know first, so this is me doing that.

Maintaining a blog hovers somewhere between an enjoyable activity and a chore, and lately the needle keeps pointing closer and closer to the ‘chore’ side of the gauge. And after all, who willingly hangs on to a chore if they don’t have to?

I’m also running dry on ideas. As a sign of my desperation, I was recently thinking about combining one of our regular Special Features with a certain type of slideshow I’ve used in the past. But when I thought about the title — Saluting Silly Songs with a Silly Sign Slideshow — all those S’s reminded me of an especially sibilant snake, and a silly one at that. (Groan. Sorry.)

But let’s get on with it. I’m going on an indefinite hiatus, blog-wise, but I want to assure those folks who like to stop by from time to time, checking favorite posts or comments, that I will leave everything in place. And as far as I know, the good people at wordpress will leave it all active and usable for a long time to come. (Always remember, you can use the ‘search’ feature to find just about anything.)

And one more thing  — thanks, everybody!

11 thoughts on “A Message For My Friends

  1. I understand the commitment required to continue blogging on a regular basis. You start off with an abundant supply of stuff to present to your followers, but as time goes on, the well of ideas starts to get lower. Thanks for all the work you have done. I am sure it will stand the test of time as a source of fascinating information and music for many people into the future.


    1. Thanks for the kind words. And yep, you hit the proverbial nail on the head. I always considered my theme to be some combination of music and personal nostalgia, but both ran into snags. On the musical sides of things, I stopped reviewing new albums quite a while back and mostly just did short bios of lesser-known musicians from the past — but I felt like I was just writing the same stuff again and again. As for nostalgia, while I once thought I had lots of memories to draw on — childhood experiences, etc — I just eventually began to run dry.

      And as I said, once it gets to the point of being a chore…


  2. BG,

    We’ve enjoyed your observations and music selections for years. Thanks for your labor of love..

    May you write again if and when the spirit moves you,



    1. Thanks for writing, folks. You never know, I might start missing it one of these days and crank up the old engine again.


  3. Wanted to acknowledge a couple of pals who wrote separately via email.
    Thanks, guys…

    Alan G — a blogger himself (Writing To Myself) and a frequent commenter almost since the beginning of the GMC, but is now – ironically – being kept from commenting on this post because of some unknown glitch at WordPress. 🙂

    Andrew Fielding — author of The Lucky Strike Papers, a book reviewed a while back on the GMC.


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