Goodbye To Claude King And Fran Warren

I’ve never really intended for the GMC to be a consistent fransource for obituaries of musical artists. In fact, there are a lot that don’t show up here. But I do try to mark the passing of those performers who have been featured on earlier posts, and I also note some of those who haven’t been spotlighted but might be future candidates. The former would apply to country singer Claude King, and the latter to songbird Fran Warren, both of whom died in the past week or so.

c2Claude King, who died in Shreveport, Lousiana, at age 90, was the featured artist on a post way back in 2007, one that started with memories of my days as a DJ. It was titled Claude King – Still Climbing That Mountain, and if you go there, you can not only read all about him but you can also hear his biggest hit, “Wolverton Mountain.” On top of that, I’ve temporarily reactivated the links for a couple of his other hits.

In the case of Fran Warren, who died recently in Connecticut at age 87, you can read a very nice piece about her on A Trip Down Memory Lane, an outstanding nostalgia blog.

I’ve also posted a video of her below.

One thought on “Goodbye To Claude King And Fran Warren

  1. I’m glad you do as I produce a column (actually two columns lately) at the end of year with a roundup of musicians (and others associated with music) who have died during the year. Sometimes you come up with someone I’ve missed (like Claude King today). Thanks for that.


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