Succumbing To The Lure Of Apps

Regular readers will recall that I’ve been a Kindler since late 2010 and also just received a Kindle Fire tablet as a Christmas gift. Mrs. BigGeez has a Kindle of her own too, so we’re a three-Kindle household. In light of all that it would be a natural subject to write about, but I’ve resisted the temptation because this is supposed to be a nostalgia-themed music blog. However, I also write about what’s currently attracting my interest, and I am certainly spending a lot of time with my new tablet. I’m also discovering that there’s one aspect of it that I didn’t anticipate would be so much fun — the wide world of apps.

Of course, I wasn’t completely oblivious to apps before. Even though my cell phone is a simple one that I seldom use, my kids have smart phones and my grandsons both have iPod Touches, so I’ve already been exposed to lots of apps. And you certainly can’t miss all the references to apps on TV.

I’m not going to list my favorite apps because if you’re into apps you have your own favorites, and if you’re not then you don’t care. (I have, however, included below one of the many youtube videos dedicated to the subject.) What does fascinate me is the whole process of being able to try out innumerable free (or almost free) little programs so quickly and easily, and then dump them if you don’t like them. In fact, since Amazon keeps all your download data (forever?) you can even get the apps back later if you change your mind. On top of that, they have something called ‘Free App of the Day’ which is just what it says — they give away an app that they normally charge as much as $9.95 for. Even if it’s something you don’t think you’ll ever want, you can download and install it, then uninstall it — and Amazon will keep it available for you to reinstall later, still free.

And just for the record, the Amazon Appstore does list lots of music-related apps.

Joe Maphis – “Flying Fingers”


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