A Closer Look At The GMC

One of the most valuable tools I have at my disposal when putting together a new piece is something that is also available to every visitor to the GMC. It’s the ‘search’ function. After more than five years and a total of over 900 pieces — and in consideration of my spotty memory — I usually do a search while writing something new just to make sure I’m not repeating myself!

But the search function is also a very valuable tool for visitors to the GMC. You might be surprised by the number of subjects that have been covered here. Think of a musician, band, song, or just something nostalgia-related and plug it into the search form. You might uncover a lot of hidden treasures. (Note: I’m not bragging about my writing ability, or lack of same  — just advising that there is a lot of GOOD STUFF here.)

And just to get you in the mood for exploring, here are some facts about the GMC:

Most popular post – single day (654 visits on Feb 17, 2011): Happy Traum And The Origin Of Dylan Classics

Most popular post – total to date (3,757 visits): Origins Of Rock And Roll – Arthur ‘Guitar Boogie’ Smith

Runner-up (3,620 visits):  Review: Johnny Mathis Gold – A 50th Anniversary Celebration

Other popular posts (in no particular order)

Willie Nelson – The Early Years

Bing Crosby Gets A Mulligan

The REAL Eddy Duchin Story

Eddie Fisher’s OTHER Wife – Connie Stevens

Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez And His Happy Organ

The Little Rascals And A Shot At Movie Stardom

John Gary – His Voice Dazzled

Have Guitar, Will Travel – Johnny Western

Most commented post (25):  Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez And His Happy Organ

Runner-up (24): Review: Johnny Mathis Gold – A 50th Anniversary Celebration

An added note about comments: during the GMC’s run so far there have been 1,235 comments posted — and 62,846 bogus comments intercepted and deleted by spam safeguards.

Del McCoury Band – “Cold Hard Facts”

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