Dealing With A Trio Of Deadlines

Lately I’ve found myself in the clutches of a very diverse trio of approaching deadlines, which means that I’m three times as cranky as usual. But at least two of the three seem to be getting resolved.

The first deadline is being taken care of right now, by the act of writing this. You’ve probably figured out that I’m referring to my self-imposed publishing schedule for the ol’ GMC. It requires me to post a new article every other day, so this will take care of that — at least until the next is due.

The second one is the August 31st trading deadline that exists in baseball. As a lifelong baseball fan, I’ve always been attentive to the deals that are made as the date approaches. In fact, my favorite team has just completed a big multi-player deal, so that’s that. (Although there’s talk they might do another.)

Which just leaves us with the mess going on in Washington right now — the deadline for a deal on the debt limit. I can’t believe that I actually voted for some of these morons. (Trust me. I will remember them in the next election.) Maybe we need to think in baseball terms — let’s trade for a whole new team.

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