Getting Relief From The Heat

With triple-digit temperatures everywhere you look, my thoughts have turned to ways to stay cool. I think that might be at least one reason for my attention being caught by pictures of a huge new statue in Chicago. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) It’s a delightfully realistic Marilyn Monroe in her iconic pose, holding down her skirt as air fans it from below.

Most of us will remember the famous scene that was the inspiration. It occurred in the 1950s film, Seven Year Itch, and the setting was Marilyn and co-star Tom Ewell strolling along the street on a hot evening. She stopped over a subway air grating and the result fascinated teenage boys (and older guys too) all over America.

Later, a couple of stories came to light concerning the occasion. I’m not sure if either is true, but it was said that she had to wear two pair of undies (because a single thickness was too revealing) and also that her then-husband Joe Dimaggio was furious about the scene during the making of the movie.

In any case, it was certainly an eye-catching way for someone to cool off, and the new statue seems to be a real hit with Chicago viewers. (It also looks like most are curious about what’s under the skirt.)

Willie Nelson & Asleep At The Wheel – “Fan It”


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6 thoughts on “Getting Relief From The Heat

  1. Hi, I had no idea there was this statue. I think it is great. The only ever other person to do the Marlyin thing with the white dress is Abby on NCIS. She wore the outfit for Halloween one year and she really captures the look.
    I thought Marilyn did a terrific job in the “Misfits” Actually I like her in Some Like it hot too. Enough of my memeries of the past. Thanks so much.


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