An Eye-Opener — Or A Head-Scratcher?

I’ve been sort of circling around an idea, one that might or might not turn into an occasional feature for us here on the ol’ GMC. It has to do with a couple of recent thoughts — neither of which rise to the level of an epiphany, but are still worth considering.

First of all, I realize that many of our regulars probably prefer certain types of music from among the many genres featured here, and that’s fine. But I began to wonder if it’s possible to open their eyes (and ears) to a variety that wouldn’t normally attract them, and if so, how I would go about choosing a piece of music that would do the job? For example, what country music song would get the attention of those who have never cared for what they consider ‘hillbilly’ music?

I don’t want to offer up one that was a cross-over hit in its heyday — that would be too easy, and it wouldn’t prove much. And since we’re all about nostalgia, the chosen song would also have to be a classic traditional one, rather than something that passes for country music these days.

Individual tastes are impossible to predict, but it occurred to me that current reality TV might provide a clue to what would appeal to folks. The popularity of programs like American Loggers, Swamp Men, Ice Road Truckers and countless others with blue-collar heroes would seem to point to a warm reception for my chosen song: Dave Dudley’s 1963 truck driver’s anthem, “Six Days On The Road.”

Of course, all this could also just be a way of featuring some of my old favorites, but in any case, if the song is new to you it will be an eye-opener — or a head-scratcher.

Dave Dudley – “Six Days On The Road”


5 thoughts on “An Eye-Opener — Or A Head-Scratcher?

  1. I’ll continue to be along for the ride whatever you feature…since I’ve never laid eyes on any of the shows you mention (nor on any “reality” show at all, up to and including American Idol) I expect to be learning from you for quite some time1 (Oops–I take it back. Joan Rivers’s “Joan and Melissa” is a guilty pleasure of mine, mainly because I think Joan is a riot no matter what the venue….)


  2. I’ve only been tuned into your site for a few months, but I find it entertaining and informative. Like you, I like all genres of music and look forward to your adding country music to the mix. Recently, I’ve been looking at some of the music of the 40s & 50s, and it is amazing how many times country and pop artists combined for hit songs. keep up the great work.



  3. Thanks, guys. I appreciate the comments.

    And thanks also to ‘M’ (who supplies some of the slideshow photos that we occasionally feature). Excerpts from his emailed comments to this post include, “Excellent choice!” and “Keep up the great blog!”


  4. As this is essentially about older music it might be instructive to look at the fifties for country music. A number of singers then had cross-over hits. You mentioned you didn’t want to use these but it could be useful to use those singers. For example “You remember the Ferlin Husky song ‘Wings of a Dove’, here he is with ‘Gone’.” Something along those lines. Others to consider would be Marty Robbins, Don Gibson, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Faron Young. These are just some off the top of my head.
    Just a thought.


  5. Thanks, Peter. I thought I’d already featured all those guys, but since my memory is so porous I decided to do a search, and I discovered that Don Gibson has not been the subject of a previous piece. 🙂


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