Even Elvis Loved Bumper Cars

A bunch of fascinating pictures from one of our regulars (thanks, M!) led to today’s feature. Apparently a guy in San Diego has spent a lot of time and effort making fancy, customized, street-ready vehicles from old bumper cars that were salvaged from a defunct amusement park.

Although there aren’t many of the original bumper car places left now, I would imagine that most of us remember an era when they were a fun part of carnivals and amusement parks everywhere. They ran on electricity that was furnished through the metal floor and an overhead contact, and when a bunch of them were moving at once — snapping, sparking, and filled with squealing kids — it was a wild and noisy scene.

In some areas they were called ‘Dodgem’ cars, which was the name used by one of the major manufacturers, and dodging the other drivers’ ramming attempts was certainly part of the fun. I can only imagine how many kids suffered whiplash from being blindsided by their best friend. Maybe that’s why some places even posted signs that read ‘No Ramming’ — but of course they were ignored.

Even Elvis was photographed driving a bumper car, and judging from the look on his face I’d say he’s having a lot of fun. But if somebody happened to blindside him and give him a good jolt, then I’d say the song title below would be a perfect fit.

Elvis Presley – “All Shook Up”

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2 thoughts on “Even Elvis Loved Bumper Cars

  1. Glad you enjoyed it.

    You know, I was thinking again about my own experiences and it seems to me that I was always a little nervous walking across that electrified metal floor to get into a car. I knew it was safe — theoretically — but having just witnessed the arcs and sparks…


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