In Appreciation Of Sue Raney

I’ve written before about musical artists who somehow fall short of super-stardom, even though they might be more talented than some of their more-famous contemporaries. Another good example would be jazz vocalist Sue Raney, a gorgeous lady with an even more beautiful voice, who over the course of her long career has been a favorite of many fans while still somehow falling short of big stardom.

The Kansas-born singer was part of a musical family, which might have helped give her a head start, but she was a noticeably skilled singer even as a child. She was performing professionally while still a pre-teen, and after her family moved West she began to show up regularly on early 1950s radio and TV.

After spending some time in her late teens as the vocalist for Ray Anthony’s big band, she began to concentrate on a solo career. For the next couple of decades she was able to find some success with a series of well-received albums, selling a lot of records while still flying a little below the radar.

By the 1980s she’d become a respected music teacher and producer, but still performed and recorded regularly, sometimes as a part of groups like L.A. Voices and Supersax. Even now she continues to appear and entertain her loyal fans from time to time.

Sue Raney – “September In The Rain”

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