Keeping Up With The Tymes

Sorry about the title of this piece, but I couldn’t resist. For those who might have forgotten, the Philly-based R&B group known as the Tymes made a big splash in the early 1960s, hitting the top of the charts with “So Much In Love.”

Original members Donald Banks, Albert Berry, Norman Burnett, and George Hilliard actually called themselves the Latineers in the early years, but after scuffling for a while they added lead singer George Williams and began calling themselves the Tymes. Success still wasn’t immediate, but after winning a local talent show the group began to attract some attention and scored a recording contract.

The Tyme’s debut record, “So Much In Love,” would turn out to be the group’s biggest hit, but its success would lead to a number of solid sellers like “Wonderful! Wonderful!” and “Somewhere.” The guys would continue to do well over the next decade, even hitting the top of the UK charts in 1974 with “Ms. Grace,” but eventually — to paraphrase Dylan — the Tymes began a-changin’. Lower records sales were followed by occasional changes in personnel, and the combo’s popularity inevitably faded. But the group has persevered in the decades since, and even in recent years the guys are still entertaining fans in oldies shows.

The Tymes – “So Much In Love”


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