Folding Money Takes Many Different Forms

I’m pretty sure that the well-worn and often used term ‘folding money’ isn’t normally used to describe what is shown in the slideshow at the bottom.

The art of origami — folding paper into ingenious shapes — has long been attributed to the Japanese, although there is evidence of the same practice in the history of other cultures. In any case, it’s always fascinating to see it, especially when the art is formed from something that’s always eye-catching anyway — currency.

But for most of us, when we hear someone talk about a guy having ‘folding money’ we have a completely different image in mind. It means he’s flush, loaded, wealthy, well-too-do, well-off, well-heeled, or any one of a number of similar descriptions.

And if that same guy is really cool (or at least thinks he is) he might keep his cash in a money clip. As for me, I’ve never particularly cared for money clips — but maybe that’s because I’ve often lacked the necessary ingredient.

Radney Foster – “Folding Money”

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