Fusion Can Show Up In Surprising Places

Fusion is a simple word that pretty much just means blending or merging, but these days it seems to be used with increasing frequency and in a lot of different ways. At one time it was probably mostly used to describe processes like nuclear fusion, but it’s now applied to everything from gourmet cooking to music.

The word could even be used to describe the little beastie shown in the accompanying picture. It’s something that’s commonly called a zonkey or a zedonk — a cross between a zebra and a donkey. The technuical term for such a critter is actually zebroid, and it is — like mules and other crossbred equines — sterile, so it will never be able to reproduce itself. But it’s still kinda cute.

For a good example of fusion in music, here’s a little something from Cuban legend Poncho Sanchez. It’s a piece that provides a fusion of traditional Latin jazz and R&B. It’s from his album Raise Your Hand, reviewed three years ago.

Poncho Sanchez – “Gestation”

2 thoughts on “Fusion Can Show Up In Surprising Places

  1. Hi, When my husband was alive we raised registered Herferds and papered Quarter Horses.He rode in the posse many for
    years. One time a group came through and they tied their zebra to a post. The horses would not go by that post after that. It caused quit a confusion. My husband said some day someone will cross them and it will have to be done by insemination and sure enough it has happened. To bad he is not with us.


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