Cleanin’ Up In The Aftermath

Holidays always kick up the ol’ daydream machine a notch or two, but I guess I’m not the only one with that reaction. Most of us have a lot of memories squirreled away in our heads and it doesn’t take much to jar some of them loose from their hiding places.

Thinking about the just-finished holiday, I was going through some old pictures and ran across a very simple one from over fifty years ago. It was taken at my maternal grandparents’ house during one of our big family holiday dinners, and it shows one of my many aunts pitching in for the massive cleanup effort that always followed in the aftermath of those events.

The men were probably in the front room playing pinochle while the women did all the work, but somehow I don’t think the ladies minded that much. I seem to remember that they enjoyed a lot of lively discussions amongst themselves while dealing with the mess, and loud laughter erupted on a regular basis. Besides, we all know that having a lot of help lightens the load and when you figure that Grandma had a bunch of daughters, step-daughters, and daughters-in-law available, I doubt that anyone suffered too much.

“Vintage All-American Dream” – Tennessee Boltsmokers

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